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We are EdTech Solution Provider

       “Oak” is the EdTech solution to facilitate Myanmar Education. The underlying idea of Oak is to bring enormous knowledge to Myanmar and to provide an education platform that everyone can easily access from everywhere. Oak helps Education Providers such as Government Universities, Government Schools, Private Schools, International Schools, and Corporate L&D Departments manage courses, classes, students and builds strong school-student-parent collaboration. Aiming to transform Myanmar People into autodidacts (self-learners) by providing a learning environment that builds interactions between learners in order for them to help, share knowledge with each other.

Following best practices, Future Hub IT Consultancy crafted Oak, a lot of times and effort goes into each and every piece of Oak component.

Our Mission. To Redefine your Brand. Our mission is to revolutionize the way IT service professionals deliver services and provides the innivative solutions to our customer to satisfy their unique business needs.

Why choose Us? Because we are Reliable. Our team of highly qualified technical consultants always make sure you're making the most of your investment. Whatever your environment or budget, we have the implementation package you need.

What we Do? Make our Customers Happy. Our project implementations are done following best practices that we have learnt through our experience and we make sure we have done things right from the start.

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